Outstanding Service from a Knowledgeable Professional

I wanted to share my experiences with Vince. He has helped me with three vehicle purchases/leases so far. One was a new car lease, the second a new truck purchase and the most recent was a used car purchase. And I have to say, all three experiences were OUTSTANDING!!!!

Vince helped me understand the benefits of leasing vs. buying a vehicle and what was the best option in each particular case. 

We leased my wife’s new car and he walked me through the benefits of adding tire and wheel and excess wear products. I’ve never purchased these products in the past, but he was able to explain to me the benefit of adding them to the lease. We have three young boys and a dog and now we don’t have to worry quite as much about the wear and tear on the vehicle when we turn it in at the end of the lease.

For the truck, we discussed the pros and cons of leasing versus purchasing it and, in the end, I decided it was better to purchase it.  The third vehicle is a used car that I purchased to basically drive to and from work.

At the end of the day Vince explained every aspect of each deal that worked best for me and my family. Once I told him what was important to me and what I was looking for, Vince hit the ground running.

Because of his many years of experience in the car industry he knows where to go and once there he speaks the “language.” I felt Vince had my best interests and was able to get me the best deal(s) possible.

I will continue to hire Vince and My Auto Coach for future vehicle purchases and/or leases and I would recommend his service to anyone with any hesitation about walking into a car dealership for their next vehicle.



Phenomenal Car Buying Experience!

My experience with Vince Cordova and My Auto Coach was phenomenal! 

I was pretty sure what vehicle I was going to buy – a Volvo XC60. Vince negotiated the details of the deal for me. It was so reassuring to have someone with Vince’s years of experience to help guide me in purchasing my car. 

To say he knows the “ins and outs” of the car business would be an understatement. He knows the true markup the dealers work on. This is true for the vehicles, but also for the service programs.

Not only did Vince save me a substantial amount of money, he relieved me of being in the uncomfortable position of knowing when to say “OK, we have a deal.”  Even though it was my money being spent, I felt like I had a partner watching out for my interests and money as if it were his own.

I would highly recommend using Vincent Cordova and My Auto Coach to any busy professional in the market for a vehicle.

Bill E. 


Best Options for Financing

Vince Cordova is very knowledgeable during the car buying experience and helped me understand the best way of financing my new vehicle. He assisted me in finding the correct payment that was the best option for me. It enabled me to pay down the loan at my own pace and use the sum of money for other gainful investments, while keeping the money in my control. 

Vince is also very experienced in how a loan is created, including fair interest rates, credit scores and longevity terms for your personal needs. 

I would definitely recommend him at My Auto Coach for vehicle purchases.

Scott B

September 2020